(Here is the KPA 2019 CFP, in case you don’t have it.) 

To submit a paper or proposal to the Kentucky Philological Association Conference, you must first have an account at the EasyChair submissions site. If you don’t have an account, it just takes a minute to get one. Go to this page at easychair.org to start the process.

Once you have an account, to go the KPA 2019 Conference page at easychair to submit your proposal (or full paper). To bring up the submission form, click “New Submissions” box in the upper left just below the “EC” logo. Once in the submission form, scroll down to the “Author 1” box and click the “click here to add yourself” link, which will populate that box with your information. At the bottom of the Author 1 box, click the “corresponding author” check box.

Farther down the page, paste your title into the “title” box and your proposal text into the “abstract” box. There isn’t an explicit word count requirement for the proposal, but please keep it under 300 words.

In the keyword box, first put word or words for which category you’re submitting in. The categories are: “Appalachian” “Southern” “Grad Student Award”, or if none of the other applies, “Main”. After the category, please write a few key words that will help the program committee classify your paper.

For papers to be considered for the grad student paper award, go to the “Upload Paper” section of the form and select your full paper file as part of your submission. Those just submitting an abstract or a proposal in the “abstract” box, click the “I will submit the paper later” box (this is just so the form doesn’t complain about not having an attachment. You don’t have to submit a paper later).

After the form is filled out, click “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the form. You can log back in to easychair.org. If there’s a button next to “New Submissions” called “Submission 1” or something similar, then your submission has been received. The KPA program committee will contact you further through easychair at the e-mail address in your easychair account.