The KENTUCKY PHILOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION is an organization of teachers, scholars, and others who study language and literature and who believe in the collegial exchange of information and ideas in the language arts. KPA holds an annual conference in the Commonwealth for the presentation of scholarship and creative work by members. The organization also publishes an annual literary journal, The Kentucky Philological Review.

KPA is a nonprofit organization supported by member dues and by the sponsorship of various colleges and universities in Kentucky that host its conference and provide needed services.

KPA recognizes the following goals and purposes as central to its mission.

  • To promote scholarly inquiry in the language arts.
  • To contribute to the pedagogy and teaching of language arts, especially at the college level.
  • To publish the best scholarly work of KPA members in a professional journal.
  • To encourage collegial friendship and the exchange of ideas among the philological disciplines and in society at large.
  • To foster appreciation and understanding of language and literature in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

KPA Officers

Officers of the KPA are elected by the membership at large each year at the business meeting at the KPA Conference held every year in March. 

The 2019-2020 KPA Officers:

Executive Committee: 

  • President – David Powell
  • Vice President – Dominic Ashby
  • Past President – Justy Engle
  • Secretary – Laura Dennis
  • Treasurer – David Powell
  • KPR Editor – Karen Taylor
  • Pop Culture Representative – Christy Sulfridge 
  • Creative Writing Representative – Rhonda Pettit
  • Foreign Language Representative – Nancy Jensch
  • Craig Steffen: Webmaster * 
  • Rebecca Brackmann: Executive Director

Other officers: 

  • Cristy Hall: KPA Program Chair 

KPA Governance

The Kentucky Philological Associaion is governed by the KPA Constitution and By-laws.

The Executive Directory and/or the executive committee make decisions throughout the year.  The executive committee meets early in September to decide on the details on the KPA Association meeting the following march.  The executive committee meets with the membership at large during the KPA event to make important decisions, which includes electing the executive committee and other officers for the following year. 

Business meeting minutes from the past couple of years: 

KPA Business Meeting minutes March 2019.  

KPA Business Meeting minutes March 2018